Friday, July 23, 2010

Comment Guidelines

I did, long ago, post Comment Guidelines for this blog, but somewhere along the line the link got removed from my sidebar, so I'll do a repeat/update and make sure the link gets in there.

Basically, if you have a comment that is related to the post and substantial, I'll leave it up. What I mean by that is that I don't want my blog cluttered up with irrelevant comments or thinly veiled spam telling me what a great job I'm doing and please look at this site. So, that means that I will delete comments when I can't figure out why you would have posted that comment to that post, if you are just saying, "Nice job," and, of course, obvious spam.

I do appreciate people telling me I've done a nice job, but everyone in the world (or the tiny number who read this, anyway) doesn't need to see a string of "Nice job", "I agree", etc. We all hate it when people do it in email and in discussion forums, so don't do it here either. If you want to tell me how much you appreciated the post, either tell me why it means so much to you in a comment, or feel free to "Like" it when it gets shuttled into Facebook. Or drop me a line via any of the communication methods on my Contact page. (This is beginning to sound like instructions in an online course discussion forum, "Please make your posts on topic and substantial. 'I agree' is not considered a substantial post.")

And, as I said before:
By the way, to all comment spammers, according to Blogger, none of your comment spam links increase your Page Rank, because all links in comments are tagged with the "nofollow" tag. So links in my blog won't help you increase traffic to your site via Google. Especially since I'm going to delete those comments as soon as I find them.
Oh, yes. I will try to make more posts this coming academic year, so that my loyal readers will actually have something to comment on. Thank you all for staying with me during this dry spell.

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