Friday, August 27, 2004

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals ( is a great resource for online courses. Open access journals are free online for readers. As of today, there were over 1200 scholarly (though not necessarily peer-reviewed) listed. 318 journals are searchable on the article level, or journals can be browsed by subject or title, or searched by keyword (in the journal titles and notes). The following subject categories are listed, many of which have sub-categories, such as Social Sciences, which has Education and Library and Information Sciences as sub-categories.
Agriculture and Food SciencesArts and Architecture
Biology and Life SciencesBusiness and Economics
ChemistryEarth and Environmental Sciences
General WorksHealth Sciences
History and ArchaeologyLanguages and Literatures
Law and Political ScienceMathematics and Statistics
Philosophy and ReligionPhysics and Astronomy
Social SciencesTechnology and Engineering

Business 2.0

Several students had trouble finding articles this summer from the journal Business 2.0. When you looked "Business 2.0" up in the Journal Locator, there were no hits. However, we found "Business 2" would pull up several titles, including Business 20 from EBSCO's Business Source Premier, which seems to be the right one. The period isn't in the EBSCO listing.

I just tried this again today, and "Business 2.0" now pulls up an entry from Gale's General Reference Center Gold, 1/04-present. This must be a new addition to the database. However, the EBSCO one still isn't coming up, and the Business Source Premier articles go back further.

This is a test.

This is a test of distance education communication. In this blog, I will answer questions that several people have asked, questions that I think are likely to be common, and I will post resources that I think will be useful to the distance education community at SCSU.

Right now, I am not allowing comments from the general viewers. If you wish to be able to comment, please email me. My email is available from the Library or SCSU homepages.

Update: I've turned comments on, thanks to the Blogger efforts in combating comment spam. Please comment!