Monday, February 08, 2010

Not exactly the annual password post

Whoohooo! It's finally happening. We are going to a much reduced password system, making my annual password post almost unnecessary.

On Feb 17 (next Wed.) the Windows network and MySCSU passwords will finally merge. Everything to do with SCSU, except the library, will be accessible via a single sign-on. (And even the library is partly accessible this way.)

Unfortunately, it looks like it is the Windows password that will be the "real" one as of 6am next Wednesday. According to the IT announcement: "If you don’t remember your Windows password, you should reset it before February 17." So if you have not logged onto a campus computer, or your remote files (including your campus webpages) recently, you might want to contact the Helpdesk at 203-392-5123 or before 2/17.

However, once you have this straight, you will be able to log into campus computers, MySCSU, Vista, your webspace and network files, Banner (via MySCSU) using the same username and password. You will still need your ID number and LibraryPIN to log into the CONSULS library catalog and the databases (aside from the remote login detailed at the link above.)

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