Wednesday, September 05, 2012

FQA: iPad edition

From Evernote:

FQA: iPad edition

About two weeks ago, all the librarians at MPOW got iPads. We had a retreat day, where we got to set up and start to play with our new toys. I immediately added some of my favorite apps, like Evernote, and started wondering how much of my work I could do on this new 'toy'.

I now have apps to take notes, log into Blackboard Learn 9 to the course in embedded in, telnet into our staff library system module to check patron records and circ stats, check and update my calendar, get my email, and view my citation manager account. I'm experimenting with chat clients to monitor my webchat. The web interfaces are quite good for most of our databases, the library catalog, library classroom calendar, and subject guides, though I am experimenting with database apps. Ebsco's is very nice, though sized for an iPhone. I'm still having trouble with Gale's (which was awful on my Android phone). Several other databases have either mobile interfaces or apps, so I still have some things to try out

What I don't have yet includes a satisfactory Office suite. I can do basic word processing in either the built in Notes app or Evernote, but there are no free word processing apps that do anything beyond basic text. Evernote can include links and pictures, but the only way to get something out is to email it. This post, in fact, is being written in Evernote (I'll have to add a picture), and will then be sent via Blogger's post by email feature. We'll just see how that goes.

Now, I also can't imagine wanting to do a lot of word processing on the iPad without a separate keyboard.

(I could, I suppose, use Evernote's recording features, but then this would be podcast, not a blog.)

The iPad does, of course, also have a camera, so I could do a video blog. There is also a trick for screen capture, so I could include screen shots. But I think I'll just leave you with this great image, from the Library and Information Techology at Bucknell University Facebook Page. (Yes, of course I have Facebook set up on this, too. And the Page Manager app, so I really can do work on it!)



Blogger Rebecca Hedreen said...

So, the picture came through just fine, but the voice recording didn't. Interesting. No podcast for me.

5:55 PM, September 05, 2012  

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