Thursday, March 01, 2012

Online presence maintenance

  1. Deleted Google Web Search History ( I've had a lot of the privacy features on for months, but why not start a new privacy policy with a clear slate?
  2. Downloaded SRWare's Iron Browser, a browser based on the same code as Google's Chrome, but without Google's presence attached. So far, it's worked just like Chrome and will install Chrome plugins from the Chrome webstore. My only peeve is that the "import bookmark" feature wouldn't import from Chrome, which has been my main home browser for some time.
  3. Debating what to do with Facebook Timeline. Do I just 'Get Timeline' and get it over with now? Do I go and reset all my past posts to higher privacy levels? What should I use as my 'cover' picture, something that can go with my current Online Librarian photo?
  4. Liking the look of Timeline on the Buley Library Facebook Page. I thought when I first saw Timeline that it would work well for organizations and products, better than for individuals. Of course, we are, essentially, products for Facebook, so that does make sense. "If you don't pay for the service, you are the product." We will probably make the new look live in the next week or so. I'm currently trying a screen shot of a satellite map of campus with the library marked as the 'cover' image, but now I'm leaning towards a collage of pictures from within the library.
  5. Still trying to balance the desire to have everything in one place with the fear of having everything in one place. Having stuff scattered in multiple services means it's harder to keep updated, but it's more secure, since at the very least I'm not likely to lose access to everything at once. There is no "good" answer to this, of course, merely a shifting balance. Kind of like everything else.


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