Monday, March 28, 2005

Distance Education Library Home Page

I hope everyone got to enjoy Spring Break. We were quite busy here, what with Asbestos Removal, trying to catch up from Computers in Libraries 2005, and normal library work.

One project that I came back from the conference intending to work on was a real Distance Education Library Home Page. One of the presentations was entitled "Targeting Library Web Sites to Specific User Groups." The message was "Don't waste the user's time by showing them things they aren't interested in." (There's a lot more in there, but that was the important part for this project.)

So, inspired by these words of wisdom, I came home and started working on a DE homepage. I have two versions right now, with the same information in different formats.

I like the table format myself, but I'm not passionately attached to it.
I'd love to get some comments, both on the format and on the information. Is there too much? Not enough? Have I missed something completely? (The Books list will shrink once we get these lists up on the main website.)

Please comment!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Computers in Libraries Conference

I will be at the Computers in Libraries Conference this week. I will be checking email and voice mail, but not more than once a day. Please contact the Reference Desk if you need immediate assistance.

I hope to bring back lots of good ideas, especially from the preconference workshop, Toolbox of Techniques for Teaching Technology to Adult Learners, and the many great-sounding panels on searching, web design, virtual reference, etc. If I get the chance I'll post some summaries of anything of interest for Distance Education to this blog during the week.

If you're in DC and would like to do lunch, email me!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Asbestos removal and journal/microfiche access

Notice of closing of ground floor of Buley Library for nine days, March 19-27, 2005.
The process of building a new addition to Buley Library has begun and will keep our attention for the next four years. One of the initial efforts will be an asbestos abatement project on the ground floor. This is scheduled to begin on March 19 and will continue for nine days. Unfortunately, the whole ground floor must be closed for this period, which corresponds to Spring Break and Easter Week. Those in the campus community who anticipate needing materials from the ground floor during this time should contact Edward Hoyer at 392-5731 or HOYERE1@SOUTHERNCT.EDU