Monday, October 03, 2005

Commenting guidelines

I got hit with Comment Spam this weekend, and ended up deleting most of the comments on my blog. My favorite is definitely the ones (multiple, on multiple posts) that started, "We are trying to find a good porn movie to take the kids this weekend." (link removed) There were several variations, including "movie tv", but I wonder if I should forward the link to the FTC or FBI for encouraging the distribution of pornography to minors?

Just in case someone objects to the deletion of their comment, let me set out a few guidelines on how I will treat comments.
  • If your comment contains a link, and it isn't immediately obvious why this link was included in a comment to that particular post, it will be deleted.
  • Multiple comments will be deleted--I'll leave the original if it seems like a legitimate comment on the post.
  • Anything that I deem to be offensive or hateful speech will be deleted. This is very subjective, but I pride myself on being a "reasonable person," as the lawyers say, so I'll try not to delete something that just attacks me personally. If you have an objection to something I say, please respond in a courteous manner, and I'll leave your comment up for the world to read.
  • As much as I love the ego boost, I'm going to delete comments that just say, "Good Job" with a link to the commenter's website. It's hard to tell the difference between people who really want to tell me I've done a good job and those who just want to increase traffic to their own sites. If you like what I say, you are welcome to contact me in any of the ways listed on my DE Library site, or post on your own blog (I have "ego feeds" from Feedster and Technorati, so I may see it if even if you don't tell me), or cite me in a paper, but let's extend the email etiquette of not replying with a "Good job" or "Me, too" to blog comments, please.

  • So the basic commenting guideline is: Comment relating to the post, in a courteous manner. Otherwise, chances are that I will delete your comment ASAP.
I don't want to enable the "word verification" for comments, because I hate those things*. But if necessary, I will, or turn off the anonymous comments, which I also don't want to do, because I object to making someone register with yet another Internet service just to talk to me.

By the way, to all comment spammers, according to Blogger, none of your comment spam links increase your Page Rank, because all links in comments are tagged with the "nofollow" tag. So links in my blog won't help you increase traffic to your site via Google. Especially since I'm going to delete those comments as soon as I find them.

*Update: I'm turning the verification on, I really don't have time to spend deleting comments. Sorry, folks!


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