Monday, March 28, 2005

Distance Education Library Home Page

I hope everyone got to enjoy Spring Break. We were quite busy here, what with Asbestos Removal, trying to catch up from Computers in Libraries 2005, and normal library work.

One project that I came back from the conference intending to work on was a real Distance Education Library Home Page. One of the presentations was entitled "Targeting Library Web Sites to Specific User Groups." The message was "Don't waste the user's time by showing them things they aren't interested in." (There's a lot more in there, but that was the important part for this project.)

So, inspired by these words of wisdom, I came home and started working on a DE homepage. I have two versions right now, with the same information in different formats.

I like the table format myself, but I'm not passionately attached to it.
I'd love to get some comments, both on the format and on the information. Is there too much? Not enough? Have I missed something completely? (The Books list will shrink once we get these lists up on the main website.)

Please comment!


Anonymous Paul R. Pival said...

Hi Rebecca, of the two I prefer the tables as well - especially appreciate the dynamic sizing. Can you center the Buley Library banner and footer?

I do find both versions a little text-heavy, but I seem to be creatively challenged this AM and can't suggest an alternative off the top of my head...

10:58 AM, March 29, 2005  
Blogger Rebecca Hedreen said...

Hi Paul,
Yes, it is a little text heavy. It's that problem of balancing between putting too much on one page, and making people click and click and click through layers of pages. We just got our Netlibrary collection up, though not in the catalog yet, so we are putting together an Ebooks page. That will take some of the text off this page.

I'm also thinking of having the most recent blog post on the website (somewhere!) I do like the way you incorporated your News blog into the U Calgary site.

Thanks for the comment!

8:28 AM, March 30, 2005  

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