Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spring Semester Housekeeping

Welcome (back) to Spring '07. I've got a few housekeeping matters to attend to as the semester starts.

First, remember that OnlineCSU is no more, and you will now be taking online classes exclusively through the campus Vista portals. You can reach the online classes directly at http://vista.southernct.edu/.

Second, and in some ways more crucial, YOUR OnlineCSU ID DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!!!!
You will need to log in using your MySCSU username and password. If you don't know your MySCSU username (it's your last name, first initial, and a number, as in your Southern email), you can check in the SCSU Email Search. Everything before the @ is your username. Online only students can call the SCSU IT Help desk (203-392-5123) for help with passwords. Don't call the OnlineCSU Help desk.

OK, on to the library stuff:
Materials damaged in the flood are starting to return to campus. We should soon have access to most of the journals, Oversized, and Juvenile books that were merely damp. Some sort of request system will be in place, since the basement level itself will not be reopened. More on this later.

I am planning to hold "office hours" for online students (and faculty) during this semester from 5-7pm (Eastern) Tuesdays and Thursdays. During those hours I will be available for IM, Chat, email, phone, and even in-person consultations. Check my Contact page (http://home.southernct.edu/~hedreenr1/contact.html) for contact specifics. Of course, you can always contact me whenever I'm online, or leave messages via email or phone anytime.

I hope you all have a good semester. Don't forget to Ask your DE Librarian!


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