Friday, December 15, 2006

New databases and database trials

We have 30 day trials, through the month of December, to two Proquest databases: Digital Dissertations and American Periodical Series. NOTE: for both of these trials, you need to select the database from the "Multiple Databases" Database dropdown menu under the search box. For Digital Dissertaions, select "Interdisciplinary--Dissertations and Theses"; for American Periodical Series, select "Interdisciplinary--APS".

Digital Dissertation includes full text from over 600,000 dissertations and theses. This database is related to Dissertation Abstracts, which has titles and authors starting in 1861, complete abstracts starting in 1980, and Master's theses abstracts starting in 1988. We get DA from First Search, which is where the link on the Databases Page will take you. When you search Digital Dissertations you will also be searching Dissertation Abstracts (the Proquest version) which has the same data, but has a different display then the version we have subscribed to before. Look for the Full Text PDF links--you will also see Abstract and 24-page Preview (PDF) links.

(By the way, a few SCSU theses that were checked out are coming back in. These and similar books from the Juvenile and Oversized collections are being housed on the second floor of the library. The bulk of those collections are still being processed for water damage, but we expect to get some materials back soon--not before the end of the semester, however.)

American Periodical Series has full text of 89 journals published between 1740 and 1900. Literary, women's, children's, professional and popular magazines are included. Lots of interesting literary works are supposed to be included, such as the serialized version of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and not-otherwise-published material by Edgar Allan Poe.

Another trial is Historical Statistics of the United States. All sorts of historical statistics from the full range of US history are available. Crime and the Confederate States is given as an example. The trial does have some limitations for downloading and emailing tables.

We have also subscribed to Westlaw, one of the premier legal databases available. You will have to agree to the Terms of Use on every visit. Westlaw is a complex database, and has a relatively steep learning curve.


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