Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Internet Explorer, Macintosh computers, and EBSCO databases

Does it seem to you like I'm posting a lot about technical problems? Oh well, here's another one.

Internet Explorer on Macintosh computers is no longer being supported by either Microsoft or Apple. Not surprisingly, that means that vendors are no longer supporting the use of IE/Mac for their products. The latest upgrades for the EBSCO databases really breaks IE on a Mac. The links within the database (which are now javascript links) just don't work.

EBSCO technical service recommends Safari 1.1 (Apple's browser; it comes with most Macs--updates from the Apple website) or Firefox 1.5 (

On the sunnier side of the technical street, I hear that Safari is now a supported browser for WebCT Vista, so Mac users should redo the Check Browser function in Vista and make sure that everything is updated.


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