Monday, October 16, 2006

Online Presentations and Orientations

I've completed the first major online orientation presentation, now available at It is based on an in-person orientation I did for the School Library Media Specialist program, and covers all the basics about in-person and online library services. All of the examples are school library related, but the information should be useful for all online students (and faculty). It's about 15 minutes long, has an audio narration, and requires a Flash player plug-in in your browser. I can provide a transcript as well. (Come to think of it, that would be a good idea to do anyway--I'll add a link once I've proofread the transcript.)

I would be interested in getting comments. Does the narration help (vs. plain text on the "slides")? Are there aspects that I didn't cover?

And yes, I do know about the "popping" in some of the audio segments. I'm still getting used to my microphone and I had it a bit too close in some cases. I will probably re-record those eventually.

Faculty: if you think it would be useful, please post to your class. If you would like a tailored presentation for your own subject, let me know. These can be made interactive, and I do have the option of running a chat room for questions (or, of course, students can contact me privately with questions.)

For the technically inclined: The presentation slides were created in Powerpoint for the original presentation. I took screenshots of the slides and recorded the audio with Wink. A few slides were modified and the order slightly rearranged for the recorded presentation.


Anonymous Paul R. Pival said...

Rebecca, nice job on this project. I think the audio makes it much more viewable than if it was text only. I'm a little bothered by the length; a menu system of some sort that would allow one to jump back and forth would be a nice feature. Did you record the audio all in one sitting? I was impressed that your volume stayed constant throughout...

3:21 PM, October 16, 2006  
Blogger Rebecca Hedreen said...

Paul, Wink allows you to record the audio in segments, so the recordings were done in, I think, about 3 sessions. Once I got the microphone set more or less correctly, I tried not to fool with it.

I am going to try a more interactive one next. Wink allows you to insert links to places within the video and to webpages, so there is a lot of potential for interaction. I had some trouble with the links at first and took them all out, but I think it was a completely separate problem that is now fixed.

12:17 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Rebecca, excellent presentation. From my perspective as a distance student at SCSU, I think this type of presentation humanizes the library - and the library staff in a very valuable way. I agree with Paul Pival about the length; I think shorter segments would be easier to watch. This is an important step for schools with distance students to take - so I'm glad to see some movement in this direction. I appreciate your work - and look forward to seeing more.

9:46 PM, October 18, 2006  

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