Thursday, August 18, 2005


I was so tired last night that I forgot to post a Wednesday summary. I'm used to being focused on my computer most of the day. I guess that being focused on the computer all day is not the same thing!

First thing we got Dreamweaver sites set up. Dreamweaver can do some great things if you set up a collection of web pages as a site, especially updating links if you change a file name. It doesn't affect the page once it's on the web, but it makes creating and maintaining easier.

Arlene Bielefield from Library Science gave us a talk on Copyright. She started by asking how many of us had copyrights. Only about half raised our hands. She pointed out that, since we all use email (and presumably we've all written dissertations, theses, or at least papers) we all have copyrights to our name. Just not registered. CT law endows faculty with full copyright to all instructional materials. Yay! In order to have something like the Kansas controversy, there would have to be a change in state law. Arlene is great, and, of course, copyright talk could last for hours before we even feel we've scatched the surface.

After lunch we worked on our sites for a while and then Dave Petroski from Communications gave us a talk on graphics. He started from the beginning (1 bit graphics = white/black), and ended up showing us how to use Fireworks to "optimize" our graphics for the web. The templates that Dan created for faculty homepages include a place for a picture. So the STARS students (Chad, Mike, and Harry) took pictures of all the participants who didn't already have their own. Then we got to play around with them, changing resolution, bit depth (number of colors), etc.


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