Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Resetting your Library PIN

Fantastic news!

You can now reset your library PIN without having to call or visit the library. On the CONSULS login page is a link "Forgot your PIN?" just under the Submit button. Click that, and enter your ID number*. You will get an automated email at the email address in your account (whatever is in Banner, unless you've changed it with the library this semester. Library only changes to your address(es) get overwritten every semester when we get new data from the Registrar.) Follow the instructions in the email to change your PIN.

The link showed up this fall, after a software update to the catalog, but wasn't working for a while. Now it works. Yay!

*If you don't know what your ID number is, and can log into MySCSU, your ID number is under Account Information on the left of the main MySCSU screen.

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