Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Network downtime Sunday (9/28)

Nearly everything will be down Sunday (9/28) morning between 6 am and 1pm (Eastern, of course), while IT replaces equipment in our Data Center. Campus web pages, MySCSU, Vista, Banner, email (it'll still be received, you just won't be able to get at it.) They are replacing the circuit breakers that failed a few weeks ago, causing an unexpected complete outage.

Since the library website will also be down, here is a link to the most commonly used databases: Ebsco databases. You should still be able to log in, since the login server is housed at CCSU. If you are going to need another database Sunday morning, go to the databases page, right click (CTRL-click on a Mac) and choose Copy Shortcut/Link location, then paste the link into an email to yourself or something similar. Be sure to use the links on the database page, because the URL's in the address bar once you are in the database usually won't work.

Another work around for this is to use Google Scholar after setting the Library in your preferences. Click the Preferences link just to the right of the search box, and scroll down to the Library section. Search for Southern, and select SCSU. Now you will get Full Text @ Buley links which connect to our journal locator (like the Find Article @ SCSU links in the databases). JSTOR and ScienceDirect articles will come up this way. (I'm pretty sure this will work on Sunday--nothing in this sequence should be housed on campus. If not, just note down the interesting citations and use the Journal Locator to find which databases the journals are in.)

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