Friday, December 07, 2007

Online forms for materials in storage

Our bound journals and the Oversized and Juvenile collections have been in storage across campus since we got them back after the flood last Thanksgiving. We had to develop a process to fetch books and copy journal articles for what we thought would just be a short time until we moved into the new building. Well, with another semester's delay on the move, we decided that we really needed a better way for people to request materials than just having the paper forms at the library desks.

On the Library home page, under Quick Links on the right, are links to the Journal Retrieval Form and the Oversized and Juvenile Book Retrieval Form.

The Journal Form is only for articles in the bound journals and microfilm. First check the Journal Locator (or use the "Find Article @ SCSU" buttons within the databases). If the article is only available in the "SCSU Print and Microform Collection" (example), click on the "SCSU Print and Microform link" (or the "Journal" link if your came in though the Find Article button) to bring up the CONSULS catalog record (example). Double check to make sure we have the correct year listed under the "Location Bound Journals" or "Microfilm" listings. Note the last volume and date (volume 34, 2006 in the example). Everything from this issue/date back should be bound and will need to be requested. Double check recent issues by clicking on the "Latest Received" link (example). Anything listed as "Arrived" will be on the current issues shelves on the first floor of the library. Don't request these using the Journal Retrieval form. (Students who cannot come to campus, i.e. online only students, can request articles from these journal issues via Interlibrary Loan.)

Most people reading this will want to use the Email option. Be sure to use an email that you check regularly and that has enough room to receive large attached files. Articles will come as PDF files. If you haven't received your article within a couple of days, first check your spam folders, then contact the library--your request may have gone astray in cyberspace.

If your article "should" be available online according to the Journal Locator, and you can't get to it, email me before requesting the article. Your request may be rejected if we don't confirm the error first.

The Book form is for those items listed in the CONSULS catalog as Oversized and Juvenile, marked with an OSC note. If the status of the item is "In Repair", don't request it. These items were damaged in the flood and are not available. Commuting students who are only on campus once or a twice a week should find this most useful, since you can now request a book a day or so before you come to campus and it should be waiting for you at the Circulation Desk when you get to the library. While staff retrieve books several times a day, if possible you should request books at least 24 hours in advance. Books will be held at the Circulation Desk for 10 days and can be checked out and renewed for the normal loan periods (28 days for students, 1 semester for faculty and staff--1 renewal of the same period).

These services will go away when we move into the new building and have space for the collections, again. That is currently scheduled for the end of the Spring '08 semester.

If you have questions, please contact me.

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