Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CSU upgrades will affect off campus access

CSU is doing some upgrades to the CONSULS Library System (catalog and library management systems). They may affect off campus access to the library databases, and will definitely affect online reserves. The first upgrade is tonight starting at 5:30pm (Eastern) and should last several hours. (Sorry for the short notice.) The major upgrade will be Friday Thursday, Aug 3, all day. Please plan your library use accordingly.

On campus access will be available through this page: http://www.library.southernct.edu/unproxied.html
which is linked from the library homepage (refresh your browser view if you do not see the message.)

Off campus users can try some of the Open Web resources listed on the Open Access Resource Guide: http://www.library.southernct.edu/openaccess.html

Update (7/25/06; 3pm): The upgrade is now scheduled to start at midnight tonight.
Update (7/26/06): Got the day wrong--that's Thursday, Aug 3.


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