Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Journal Locator

Our new Journal Locator is up and running. The link from the Library Home Page now goes to the new service (URL ).

Not everything is in yet, but all the major databases are included. For print publications, and electronic versions of journals that we get in print, check the CONSULS catalog Journal Title search.

Please let me know what doesn't work, or if there are journals that you were sure were in there that aren't now, etc.

We are also looking for some better terminology, including what to call the whole package. Many people try the "Journal Locator" to find journal articles, instead of searching in the online databases. What would you call a search to find if the library subscribed to a journal? We also need wording for the link to go directly to a full text article, to an issue table of contents, and to the online journal main page. Suggestions are welcome, via the comments or any of the contact methods on the DE Library Home Page.


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