Thursday, November 10, 2005

Faculty presentations

Next week is "faculty" week for me. For all of my faculty readers, please join us!

On Monday (11/14) I will be presenting in our Teaching with Technology Roundtable on Blogs and RSS in Academia. It'll be a discussion focusing on a tour of sites using blogs and RSS feeds for either instruction and research. There are some really amazing things being done, such as Barbara Ganley's ArtsWriting 'Zine (2004), Blogging the World, or Writing Workshop 2005. I could probably do the whole session just on her projects! (See My Course Blogs in the left column on bgblogging.) But there's a lot more. Like Gardner Writes' Donne a Day audio postings ("podcasting"). Or Savage Minds, a collaborative blog by anthropology graduate students and faculty. Stay tuned for more...(I'll be putting up a website with links and screenshots.)

On Thursday (11/17), Susan Miller (Instruction Librarian) and I will be talking about integrating library resources into online course pages at the Thursday Morning Discussion, sponsored by Faculty Development. We'll be covering both pedagogy and technology, and little bit about weaning students off doing the bulk of their research in web search engines or Wikipedia. Most of the techniques can be used in WebCT, MySCSU/MyCourse, or on a course or personal webpage. Thursday Morning Discussions start at 8 am in the Student Center's Alumni Room.

For my student readers, I'll be posting the links and handouts. If a couple of graduate students would like to come to Monday's talk, I can probably "sneak" you in, but you have to let faculty have first crack at the food, since it's provided by grant money. Contact me *before* Monday so I can be sure. Thursday is faculty only.


Blogger Gardner said...

Dear Rebecca,

I'm honored to be included in such august company! If you or anyone else have/has any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know.

And good luck with the event!

Best regards,

2:15 PM, November 10, 2005  

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