Monday, February 28, 2005

Updates to the weblog and housekeeping

I am trying out some new features for the weblog.

Email delivery: Click on the Subscribe by email with rssfwd link to get each entry delivered to your email address. This is a service designed by a very nice person over at actually takes the RSS feed from this site, formats it for email and send it off to you. I hope this works for everyone who isn't using RSS readers (and that yanime can keep it going! Good job!)

Tags: whenever possible, I'm going to include tags in the posts. Tags make it easier to search for related material. My tags are linked to Technorati's tag search. When you click on one of my tags, anything else that Technorati has with the same tag will come up. So the tag Open Access, which is (oops, was supposed to be!) attached to the previous post, will turn up lots of related materials in blogs, Flickr, Furl, and

I've also cleaned up a post that was causing some problems in some RSS feed readers. My apologies to anyone whose reader choked on the MS Word formating accidentally imported with the Wintersession schedule.

I try to post at least once a week, so if you don't see something that often in whatever reader you are using, please check the site and let me know if something didn't come through.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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