Monday, September 28, 2009

State budget woes arise again

We thought we had pulled through without a hitch (or cut) in the databases that the state pays for, but we sighed with relief a little too soon. iConn (the CT digital library organization) just announced that they are cutting CINAHL, Westlaw (Campus Research), AP Photo Archive, and the Boston Globe, as of Oct. 1 (yes, that's this Thursday).

We are picking up CINAHL ourselves, so there should be no interruption of access.

Our law librarian recommends the following for law related searching:
For Westlaw cases and statutes, try these sites: Findlaw (link goes directly to cases and codes portion of the site); Justia ; or Public Law Online Library . Academic Search Premier indexes several law reviews.
For the AP Photo Archive, try Google Images, Googles new Image search for news, ArtStor, or the image search feature in some of the Ebsco databases like Academic Search Premier.

For Westlaw business news, try Business Source Premier.

For local news (Westlaw), try the Hartford Courant (Proquest Newspapers) and General Reference Center Gold.

For the Boston Globe, try General Reference Center Gold.

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