Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ID's and Passwords and Logins, Oh My!

This is an updated version of one of my early posts. I suspect I will end up posting a version of this at the beginning of each semester, since this is always confusing.

There are 3 important ID's and 2 important passwords that every distance student will need.

1) ID number--this is the 8 digit number beginning with 7 that is printed on your ID card (Hoot Loot card) if you have one. If you do not have a card, the number should have been sent to you with your registration materials. The Registrar's office or the Library Circulation department can provide you with this number if you do not have your registration materials. You will need this number in order to log on to the library databases, and to do certain network functions, such as resetting your network PIN. It is also called your Banner ID.

2) Network User ID--this is the first part of your email address, usually your last name, first letter of your first name, and a number. My User ID is hedreenr1. Combine that with and you have my email address. You will need this to log into My SCSU, which includes web access to your email, calendars, courses, and announcements. You can look up your User ID in the email lookup. (PS. You can set your campus email to forward to another email address in the Options tab of the My SCSU email.)

3) Online CSU ID number--this is the number you use for logging into Online CSU. Because this is currently set up as a separate system from the campus systems, you have a completely separate number. This number usually starts with 00. If you are having trouble logging into Online CSU try the Online CSU Login help page.

1) Network or Banner PIN--this password is for connecting to the network, Banner, MySCSU, and email. The default is your birthdate in 6 digit format, MMDDYY. If you are not able to log on using this or you have forgotten what you changed it to, reset your PIN.

2) Library PIN--this password is strictly for library use. To set your Library PIN for the first time, go to CONSULS (Library Catalog). Click on Login to Your Library Record. Enter your ID number and leave the PIN box blank, then click Display Record. You will get a screen to select a PIN. If you get an error message of "Invalid PIN" you have a PIN on file. If you do have a PIN number on file and can't remember what it is, call the Circulation Desk (203-392-5756) and ask to have your PIN deleted. You will then be able to select a new PIN. The Library PIN is used to access your library circulation record, library online reserves, and the online databases, and to request books from other CSU libraries. If you get an error message of "Patron record cannot be located", contact the Circulation Desk to check the status of your record.

The IT HelpDesk web page is They can help with problems with your ID number, User ID, and Network PIN, if the online functions do not resolve your login problems.


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